We hope that you have been able to take advantage of RIM OnDemand!. As you know, ARMA International has developed a partnership with RIM On-Demand to offer online education that is recorded from the MER conference to individuals at a small cost-FREE to you as a member!

Please find the following complimentary session for the month of

  • Febuary 2016: Closing Keynote – Information Management and the Power of Positive Destruction
  • March 2016: E-mail Classification Strategies That Actually Work
  • April 2016: CASE STUDY: Developing and Implementing an Efficient and Effective Legal Hold Process
  • May 2016: Building and Using SharePoint-Friendly File Plans
  • June 2016: Strategic Planning – Advancing Success on the Battlefield of Managing Electronically-Stored Information


To Access the current Session of this month.

Goto to ARMA International website (Click here) .

Log into your “My ARMA” account and click on the link located next to your chapter membership. Then begin enjoying the session. As a reminder, this session is only available during the current month. To view it outside of the current month, you will need to purchase the session.